Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review 27/03/10- TLi "Live"

Band Name: TLi
CD Title: Live
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This EP was sent through to our hotmail account.
TLi, Westcountry based punks kill 2 birds with one stone by sending us a Live EP, which shows us what they’re like both on record and live, so that saves a bit of time!
“Fighting Cider,” is a fast paced, true punk rock track with loud but solid drums, fast distorted guitars and the odd screamed backing vocal line. It’s clear that they enjoy what they do as there is a slight laugh from one of the singers during the song, but that just adds to the live effect. It would be good to hear that song properly recorded as there are nuances that are just out of earshot on the live version. Final track ”Smallscreen Horrors,” follows the same basic principle as “Fighting Cider.” Again, fast, short and loud make this song another punk rock belter.
All in all, both tracks are good tracks and their rawness live is encouraging. It would be good to hear them recorded properly but if this is the raw base version, then there is great promise.

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