Thursday, 25 March 2010

Review 25/03/10- The Ruby Kid "Winter In The City"


Band Name: The Ruby Kid

CD Title: Winter In The City

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This EP was picked up at The Croft, March 14th 2010.

Now, The Ruby Kid, at first look, would not normally be something that ScreamLite Records would look at. However, after a closer look, it turns out that The Ruby Kid is far more than just standard rap/hip hop. Like Clayton Blizzard, The Ruby Kid veers away from the usual bling and cars approach and looks more at Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Arctic Monkeys. Like all of his influences, The Ruby Kid (aka Daniel Randall) raps about politics, the music industry, literature and philosophy without sounding contrived or ham fisted. “Art Versus Industry,” is a scathing attack on preconceptions and it’s clear that The Ruby Kid’s music is very much personal expression, the anger and passion all come through in great one liners, a flowing rap which doesn’t rely heavily on swearing but more on the art of popular culture, literature and his Yorkshire upbringing. “East 6th(Between 2nd & 3rd)” he makes mention of Cohen, Miles Davis, Dylan Thomas, Yiddish strike songs and Elis Island, really demonstrating his eclectic music taste and his wide knowledge of American & British history and culture. A word too for his backing musicians who don’t seem like a standard backing band, more like equals in The Ruby Kid’s goal, and all of the musicians and backing vocalists involved are all brilliant throughout, infusing their styles and genres with the eclectic muses of The Ruby Kid.

“Winter In The City,” is a great demonstration why underground hip hop in the UK is thriving. The vast influences and cultural knowledge of The Ruby Kid makes this EP something very special indeed...A hip hop record that a metalhead would like. And for that, and the brilliance of his rhymes, The Ruby Kid has produced something brilliant.

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