Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Review 23/03/10- Destruction Of Mankind "Necktie For A Noose"

Band Name: Destruction Of Mankind
CD Title: Necktie For A Noose
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This EP was emailed via our hotmail account.
Another slice of black metal, this time from American solo artist Destruction Of Mankind. “Preeminent,” starts the EP with a sample which runs into some extreme black metal. The guitars are thrashing through the song at a great pace while still showing flashes of brilliance. The drums are blasting throughout while the vocals are lower in the mix than previous black metal offerings, making them harder to decipher in the overall song. “Preeminent,” ends with the sound of smashing glass which drones out and straight into “Hardcore.” This song takes a while to really get going after a lengthy sample at the start. This could be cut down slightly to keep the music flowing, but when the song does kick in, it’s worth the wait. The guitar continues to impress despite the tempo and the drums continue to blast beat through the mix. The samples continue throughout the EP, something which could get distracting after a while and stop the music being the main attraction on this EP. “Genocide,” shows a different dynamic from D.O.M. but only briefly which is a shame.
All in all, “Necktie For A Noose,” is a good EP from Destruction Of Makind but it can be seen as a little too black metal by numbers. “Genocide,” showed flashes of a different dynamic, but it wasn’t expanded on. However, this is a solid black metal record and Destruction Of Mankind really have a future in the genre.

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