Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review 27/03/10- Starblood "Starblood"

Band Name: Starblood
CD Title: Starblood
Press Pack Included: No
Review: These tracks were sent to our hotmail account.
“Haunted,” kicks off Starblood’s 2 track demo and it begins with something Joy Division would be proud of. Droned synths, digital sounding drums and a sense that this track is going to live up to it’s title. The synth ends up becoming an all too obvious loop which after the 3 minute mark becomes quite grating and too repetitive. It does eventually breed a new riff for a brief period but this is too late as by this point in the track, you’ve begun to switch off. “Door Into Summer,” introduces an acoustic guitar which seems to bring a bit more life to the track, overdubbed riffs sit side by side and work well together while the synth is used for backing music only, while the drums are also overdubbed to create 2 separate rhythms. The introduction of the electric guitar makes this track sound a little like The Cure’s “Wrong Number,” just without being too over reliant on the original loops.
Overall, a good couple of songs, however the repetitiveness of the first track may mean that listeners never get round to the second, much more entertaining track.

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