Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Review 09/03/10- Destination Anywhere "Sobstuff, Tales & Anthems"


Band Name: Destination Anywhere

CD Title: Sobstuff, Tales & Anthems

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This was a free album download from Myspace.

Destination Anywhere are a German ska punk band very similar to Less Than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto. But don’t let that put you off! This is an excellently produced album with some great horn production throughout. The first 2 tracks are standard ska punk tracks, high tempo and full of energy, but it’s track 3, “Oblivion,” where it all begins to show how Destination Anywhere bring a little more to the party than most other ska bands. There are hints of metal and thrash throughout, with even some screaming to add to the sound, making this track a turning point for the band. From there, “All The Things That We Have Seen,” takes a more Hendrix approach with the well placed flange on the horns and guitar. The song also slows the tempo a bit without seeming contrived and forced, which many bands of this genre suffer from as they continue to produce the same songs album after album. “Welcome To Hangover,” introduces a reggae tinge to the music, making another stark change to the first couple of tracks, which is welcome at the midway point of the album. “Permission To Sing,” continues a new trend with heavy crushing guitars and horns used minimally. The vocal line is slightly drowned but that benefits the guitar and drums as it allows them to take a starring role after playing second best to the horn section. The final few tracks go back to the traditional ska punk ethos, but the guitars are allowed to play it a little heavier, sounding more like Propaghandi than Less Than Jake.

Overall, “Sobstuff, Tales & Anthems,” is a great album full of catchy, bouncy ska punk tracks which would feel at home in any punk club anywhere in the world.

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