Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review 27/03/10- Nothing New "See In The Dark"

Band Name: Nothing New
CD Title: See In The Dark
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This track was sent as demonstration for Funderworld
Cardiff based pop punk trio Nothing New certainly know what their audience likes! This track begins with a faux radio version of this song’s intro before hitting the ground running with power chords and muting through the verses. The drums keep a great beat while enjoying throwing in the fills. The vocals are layered to create more power and the guitars are heavy without sounding like metal guitars. The chorus creates a natural sing-a-long for everyone listening, which is great for the pop punk genre while the riffs that pop up during the course of the song are well constructed and singled out in a quiet yet great mix.
All in all, great track by Nothing New though it would be nice to see if they can go to the other end of the pop punk scale, maybe with an acoustic number or something with a little more bite. However, take nothing away from “See In The Dark,” it’s a great pop punk song.

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