Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Review 24/03/10-Bateleurs "Hello Girl"


Band Name: Bateleurs

CD Title: Hello Girl

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This track was forwarded for ScreamLite Records’ charity compilation.

This song from Swindon’s Bateleurs is similar to Alberto Veto’s tracks- indie folk. The one major difference between this track and the Alberto Veto EP is that this track is very laid back and calm. “Hello Girl,” seems to have all the makings of a very epic ballad for Bateleurs with it’s mellow acoustic guitar and tambourine backing. The vocals are more Weller than Veto’s which compliments the bright sound of the guitar, despite the minor chords and downbeat mood of the song. The drums are strategically placed, not playing all the way through the early stages of the track and not really coming into their own until during the middle 8.

Overall, great track which maybe could have done with a little more in the way of texture behind the guitar. That, however, does not take anything away from the writing talents of Bateleurs.

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