Thursday, 25 March 2010

Review 25/03/10- Fresh Milk "Fresh Milk"

Band Name: Fresh Milk
CD Title: Fresh Milk
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This EP was sent direct to our hotmail.
Fresh Milk start their EP with a blast of heavy metal worthy of Beltane with their growled vocals and heavy guitar. However, part way through first track “Back For More,” the band shift gear and go into lilting ska which comes as a complete shock after the fast start. This is how the track continues until it’s finish, making this one of the most diverse songs around today. The band move back to more familiar territory on “In Control,” where their thrash credentials are again shown to the world. The drums are on fine form, really not sticking to a basic beat and the guitars are played in the right way to make them take a leading role. Final track “Lights Out,” is another thrash through 2 minutes of quality metal which continues to show Fresh Milk on top form throughout.
All in all, a great thrash EP from Fresh Milk, well mixed and produced and, especially with the ska experiment on “Back For More,” shows that being thrash isn’t just playing by numbers loudly!

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