Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Review 23/03/10- Alberto Veto "Alberto Veto"


Band Name: Alberto Veto

CD Title: Alberto Veto

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This EP was submitted for ScreamLite Records’ charity compilation album.

Alberto Veto are clearly a band who are very at ease with their music at the moment, and this is reflected in their brilliantly catchy indie folk rock. “Careful,” is a song that Paul Weller wouldn’t feel bad about putting on his album while the vocals throughout the 3 songs have a hint of the Modfather and Bowie about them, easing the song into it’s mellow groove without being too obtrusive on the well constructed music. “Happiness,” is an insanely catchy uptempo number in the middle which got us jigging along in true Frank Turner fashion with layered vocals and a very solid, jumpy drum beat to keep it ticking over. Even the tempo shift right at the end had a touch of class about it even though we were taken aback by the sudden change, but it was no bad thing whatsoever, really showing off their dynamics. Final song “Ropewalk,” is a real folksy number, pitching somewhere between Elbow and Mumford & Sons, with well strummed guitar throughout, not letting the beat drop at any stage. Again, another song that gets you jigging to it’s relentless beat. You can imagine doing a bit of a Hoedown at their shows!

All in all, a great little package from Alberto Veto, with all of the makings of some great indie folk. If Elbow can do it, then these guys can’t be far behind.

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