Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review 27/03/10- Oriol Stardust "I'm Sorry For Loving You"

Band Name: Oriol Stardust
CD Title: I’m Sorry For Loving You
Press Pack Included: Yes
Review: This EP arrived in the post with a brief explanation of where Oriol has played.
Barcelona based folk rock singer/songwriter Oriol Stardust starts off his EP with the title track, “I’m Sorry For Loving You.” This track has jangly ramshackle guitars, a varied drum beat and some great vocals. The choruses layer the vocals to create an extra texture while the bridge adds a jaunty drum line. This is very reminiscent of Peter, Bjorn & John as instead of being a ballad it’s a celebration which puts a smile on the face of anyone who listens to it. “September,” brings the tempo down a bit, showing Oriol’s dynamics. The organ backing sounds like The Bad Seeds while the guitar has a similar effect to “Walking After You,” by the Foos. The drums keep another solid rhythm and the electric lead line is distant but well produced. “Dead Town,” begins like a protest song with powerful vocals and guitar alone. Well mixed again and well produced, especially with the second guitar and organ coming in without seeming disjointed. A breakdown lets the drums come in, which again hit a solid beat. The song continues to build throughout, giving a great sense of rhythm. Final track “Top Of The Hill,” settles everything down to it’s climax with it’s 60’s style drumbeat and organ combo. This is perhaps a weaker track than the other 3, but not by any great distance. Oriol just seems a little bit out of place in this track, maybe with the tempo being a little bit lower.
Overall though, “I’m Sorry For Loving You,” is a great EP with some brilliant songwriting by Oriol and some great musicianship thoroughout.

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