Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review 27/03/10- Roisin Ellen Brophy "Roisin Ellen Brophy"

Band Name: Roisin Ellen Brophy
CD Title: Roisin Ellen Brophy
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This track was sent for consideration for Funderworld.
Folk songstress Roisin Ellen Brophy has already had some success in the South West with band Slaveen and the 2 tracks here continue the musical trend she forged with them. “Rid Of You,” starts as a folk ballad with just acoustic guitar but builds as the song moves on, introducing electric guitars and drums later. The vocals are slightly dwarfed by the full band in the mix, but that’s nothing that can’t be sorted on the desk later. And it’s a shame that they’re dwarfed because they are strong and heartfelt. The guitars intertwine without any obstruction and they don’t compete for attention, preferring to all be as important as eachother. The keys throughout are understated yet wonderfully constructed and the drums hit the right beat for the style of song. “Beauty Blue Eyes,” is just straight folk, showing the versatility in Roisin’s song writing styles. This is where her voice comes into it’s own, really setting this song apart from many acoustic numbers out there at the moment.
The 2 songs are great songs from Roisin. The only downside is in “Rid Of You,” with the vocals being lost in the overall mix. But otherwise, a brilliant pair of songs from Roisin.

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