Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review 27/03/10- Thee Chancers "Miss Morgan"

Band Name: Thee Chancers
CD Title: Miss Morgan
Press Pack Included: Yes
Review: This EP was sent to our hotmail with a brief biography and contact details for Thee Chancers.
Southampton based Thee Chancers are clearly a band with a bluesy background. “Tomorrow Morning,” kicks off this EP and boy, does it kick it off. There is an urgency, an energy coming off this track with the gritty vocal line and constantly riffing guitar. The drums back up with a solid beat which keeps this track bursting with energy. The breakdown during the song is clean and effective, just building the anticipation for another burst of energy. The guitar riffs near the end of the song are well constructed and well mixed. The title track “Miss Morgan,” is up next and it slows the tempo to a brisk canter, with layers of guitars working well together. The gritty vocals again make this bluesy while the drums yet again tap out a solid rhythm for everyone else to take their lead from. Final track “Colossal Seduction,” is a blues folk number with well written acoustic guitar riffs and chords while the drums take a back seat to let the rhythm guitar keep the beat going. The vocals are slightly less gritty here, but still just as bluesy as they have been throughout.
“Miss Morgan,” is very reminiscent of Rockburn’s EP with it’s clear blues influence and this is on a par with Rockburn too. Not as slick but with this style that Thee Chancers have built, it doesn’t need to be, it needs it’s slight ragged edges. This is a wonderful little EP and this band could do great things.

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