Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Review 06/07/10- Dining With James "Demos"


Band Name: Dining With James

CD Title: Demos

Press Pack Included: No

Review: These 2 tracks were sent to our hotmail.

Gloucester based Dining With James kick off proceedings with “Intro & Safari,” which sounds like it is a live recording with the crowd coming into the mix. This is clearly a band influenced by their modern indie rock with the slowly picked guitar riffs and ramshackle guitar. The drums are solid and varied in places, while the bass does most of the lead work while the guitar, apart from the bridge sections, sticks to an average chord progression for the genre. Second track “Town Of Irony,” kicks off with a well executed drum pattern, staying solid, keeping a good beat for the guitar and bass to come into without any awkward tempo changes. Again, this track sounds live and the guitar plays the solid chord structure while the bass becomes the lead instrument with it’s slightly varied riffs. It’s a quick track with little variation but is good for a throwaway number.

All in all then, Dining With James are a decent band with decent songs, however with an already over stocked indie genre there is very little here to give them an edge as there is little variation from the standard indie template.