Thursday, 25 March 2010

Review 25/03/10- Kids Love Lies "Under The Bed"

Band Name: Kids Love Lies
CD Title: Under The Bed
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This single was picked up at the Mother’s Ruin, March 18th 2010.
Kids Love Lies are making a name for themselves with their female fronted indie post punk and this single, “Under The Bed,” is a perfect display of their sound. The guitars are mixed well while the vocals are allowed to really shine through the melee of catchy hooks and riffs. There is a great drum beat throughout, which moves and flows just as much as the excellent guitar work. Somehow this track restrains itself when there is enough energy going on with the instrumentation to break free and really get even the most critical of indie kids going. The B-Sides kick off with another fast paced guitar driven number, “Big Mouth.” The vocals take a starring role in this track, with yet more passion and drive behind the female voice at the front. As the song reaches it’s chorus, the dynamic guitars and hectic bass make sure that the song doesn’t hit a wall halfway through and the drums yet again flow and change as the song progresses. The final track on this single is the acoustic balladry of “Learning To Smile.” This is a truly beautiful song with the seemingly heartfelt vocal line and bright acoustic guitar keeping the rhythm going to make sure that this is one sure fire lighters in the air moment.
Overall, a great single package from Kids Love Lies. Well mixed, well produced and great musicianship all make Kids Love Lies a great band.

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