Monday, 8 March 2010

Review 08/03/10- The 9's "Here Be Monsters"

Band Name: The 9s
CD Title: Here Be Monsters
Press Pack Included: No
Review: No press pack included as band emailed download link via myspace.
This EP gets off to a flyer in true punk/metal style with “Wrestling With Tigers.” The 9’s use ferocious guitars and strained yet good vocals to have a track which could be played alongside bands like The Blackout and You Me At Six but also alongside some of the classic rock bands that dominate album sales worldwide such as AC/DC. This ferocity and tempo continues through second track “Sweet Victory,” which seems like a bitter and venomous kiss off to someone or something but still has the well mixed sound and punk ethic. The 9s then decide to show their dynamic with a slower number “Nothing Left To Give.” This still has a crushing guitar and heavy overdrive but includes a great guitar breakdown and a slightly more introspective vocal line. As the EP continues on, the tracks begin to show that a less ferocious and more technical approach can also pay dividends in this cluttered genre, with the guitars competing for technical supremacy and lead role in the overall mix, something which seems to have pushed the vocalist to really unleash his full force which in turn benefits the entire band.
Again, The 9s show off another less ferocious number when they throw “Empire Strikes Back,” into the EP. This is a more “bouncy,” song as it were, something that would get any crowd jumping up and down in appreciation of it’s sheer wonderful catchiness! Overall, this EP is a great example of how a band can make themselves a little different in a cluttered genre. Very well done to The 9s.

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