Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review 27/03/10- Tiberius Project "Dream Over"

Band Name: Tiberius Project
CD Title: Dream Over
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This EP was sent to our hotmail account.
Brazil is not the first place people think of when you mention metal, but this isn’t the first Brazilian metal band that have come into contact! Tiberius Project kick off their “Dream Over,” EP with “Before Sunrise,” which sounds very much like a Megadeth track, heavy, sweep picked guitars, vocals that are growly and low, and drums which fill everywhere. The lead guitar is perhaps too prominent in the mix, making the vocals even harder to hear and the drums almost non-existent at times. This is a good song, just needs that little bit of polishing on the desk to get the drums as epic as they should be and the lead guitar to take it’s place in the mix without being the centre of attention. “You Bitch!” is better in the mix, the lead guitar being heard but not overpowering the vocals in this Metallica style thrash metal track. The drums let the guitars take the tempo strain while they keep a great platform in the back line. The vocals are more screamed this time, with what sounds like group shouting during the title line which adds more texture to the voice. Final track “Avenger,” starts with a Chinese scale and some samples before kicking in with some more furious thrash guitar and great solos and riffs. The vocals are again the main attraction in the mix while not swamping everything else. This is a straight down the line thrash metal track, no great deviation from the tried and tested formula which means that they can be an average thrash metal band, while the other 2 tracks showed their slight differences. Even the pan pipe solo during “Avenger,” is somewhat expected, but still a welcome textural change.
All in all, a great EP by Tiberius Project which demonstrates their differences and their similarities in the genre. Maybe “Before Sunrise,” needs a bit of a touch up in the studio to just get all of the levels right, but otherwise, great effort.

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