Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Review 23/03/10- Call The Doctor "CTD"

Band Name: Call The Doctor
CD Title: CTD
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This EP was picked up at The Mother’s Ruin, March 18th 2010.
Bristol’s Call The Doctor are beginning to build quite a following in the area, and their live show was something to behold with all the raw power and passion of a band of their style.
Their power seems to be slightly diminished on record with the guitars taking a backseat approach behind some strong female vocals. The drums are keeping a solid beat throughout the 6 tracks on offer here, but don’t really make too many moves from the formula which is quite a shame. The guitars are overdriven and good, but they could have done with a little more volume in the final mix. They demonstrate their riffing skills during “Running With Scissors,” and throughout there are overdubs and little guitar nuances but it is a shame for them to not have quite as much of a place as their show suggests. The vocals are strong, with the singer showing off her range very well and also showing where that passion would be if there was a bit more on the final mix for everyone. “Four Foot Two,” does demonstrate Call The Doctor’s lower tempo side, with well constructed riffs and muted guitars which make a good song. Again, the vocals show good range and passion but it’s again let down by the final mix.
“CTD,” is overall a good EP, it’s just lacking the kind of energy that Call The Doctor can produce. Whether that’s a side effect of the final mix, or it’s just that their live shows are more raucous than their studio performance remains to be seen, but this is not something that would put us off seeing them again.

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