Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Review 4/5/10- Ghosts "Ghosts"

Band Name: Ghosts
CD Title: Ghosts
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This demo was sent directly our hotmail.
Ghosts, the experimental side project of The New Believers Rich Powley is a work in progress but is already taking shape as something great. “Dark Days Final Swamp Rat,” is a dark, ambient trip through different synthesised drum sounds while the rhythm guitar keeps a steady beat and the lead plucks out dischordant licks all over the place to create an even more intense atmosphere. Echo and reverb combine in places to bring a bit of musical melodrama to an already claustrophobic piece. Even the high range synth/Moog breakdown doesn’t manage to pull this out of the darkest depths. “Ghosts 002,” marks a tempo change and introduces another dark, more industrial element to a project which is already shaping up to be very interesting indeed. Fusing the black metal edge of Beltane with the EBM stylings of Avoidance Of Doubt, “Ghosts 002,” is a thrash club anthem (if we’ve invented a new genre term for it!) which could darken even the brightest of hearts. “Fred & Me, “ is the final song in this package and this is lighter, more relaxed than the other 2, a marked difference in appeal and style. The synth line is reminiscent of mid 80’s Gary Numan while the optimistic back layer lifts up the listener. The spoken word sample seems to have been lifted straight from one of the Manic Street Preachers more aggressive works while the slight breaks add another darker edge to the overall sound.
As demos go, this is up there with the best. The interplay between goth, thrash, EBM and general electronica is complex yet wonderfully executed. If this is what Ghosts comes up with on his own, imagine what this project would do with a full live band.

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