Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Review 18/05/10- The Digital "Take Me Back"


Band Name: The Digital

CD Title: Take Me Back

Press Pack Included: Yes

Review: This track was sent to our hotmail account along with a brief, yet highly informative bio and some additional contact details. This is very helpful in determining the assistance we can give The Digital.

The Digital, a band of 16 year olds from Middlesborough have already attracted some local attention, despite their age. “Take Me Back,” seems to be tapping into the current indie scene whilst still having enough power to get dragged into the less respected areas of the genre. Vocalist Lewis really pushes his voice as far as it will go, very much in the same way Dave Grohl does. Lewis is not afraid to let his voice croak and crack while trying to convey the passion he clearly has. His guitar playing is basic, but for this genre you don’t need the guitar acrobatics of something like metal, while Joe’s bass is solid and well executed, not letting himself be tied to one basic riff, which really adds an edge. Matthew’s drumming is hard and loose, not so loose to drop the beat, but loose enough to have a real drive, something we like.

Overall, a cracking tune from these young lads from the north. With their passion and clear goal driven minds, they can go far.

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