Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Review 26/05/10-Deathalizer "More Than Gone"


Band Name: Deathalizer

CD Title: More Than Gone

Press Pack Included: Yes

Review: This track was sent to our hotmail with a brief biography explaining who Deathalizer are and giving website addresses. This was set up in an interview style format which is not something you see everyday with press packs. This was something slightly different which could have gone into a little more detail.

Deathalizer claim to be “where Metallica left off,” and with the heavy yet slightly funky bassline, you can see why. This track does not overpower in the listener with it’s early bars, and tries to maintain that heavy but polished vibe throughout. The vocals are clear and precise, quite similar to Hetfield in his delivery and intonation. The more screamed vocals are still audible without being too piercing and the overdubs in the chorus are reminiscent of the effects used by Soundgarden. The guitars aren’t hugely prominent, keeping themselves shrouded in the mix to perfect effect until it’s their time to come forward for a well constructed if not overly flamboyant solo. The latter part of the song kicks up a tempo and the drums do this without needing to cover over or build to a crescendo which is something that even the greats have a habit of doing, much to our annoyance. The mix is crisp and clear, not too many fancy effects are used here, which is refreshing in the myriad of Metallica-esque metal which seems to all too often rely on the masking of samples and effects.

All in all, a great track from Deathalizer, something which is both classic and contemporary without being a pastiche of the two. A brilliant effort by Deathalizer.

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