Thursday, 3 June 2010

Review 03/06/10- Heart Of The Sun "Heart Of The Sun EP"

Band Name: Heart Of The Sun
CD Title: Heart Of The Sun EP
Press Pack Included: Yes
Review: This CD was received via the post with a small press pack, written on word we think but with the added twist of using a picture of the band as the page background, which made the page more visually stimulating. Part of our previous review for “My Media,” was added with other quotes from local press. A good little package.
This is our 2nd experience of Heart Of The Sun and it kicks off once again in slightly funky fashion with “I Don’t Think About It.” The vocals are ear catching despite being shrouded in some effects which sometimes muffle the words, but nothing that is imperative is left out. The guitars are veering between indie, hard rock and funk riffs which gives an anticipation to the sound as to what style will be coming next. The drums are happy to keep the solid reggae/funk beat as long as they get chance to fill where necessary. The added synth in the final chorus adds a new element to the sound and gets away without being too obtrusive. The synth breakdown leads nicely into a repeated chorus which builds to a bit of a whimper instead of a crescendo, Heart Of The Sun deciding to go for a “Speed Of Sound,” style calm section before hitting the ground running again. Second track “Burn Me Up,” is set firmly in the funk camp, little genre variation expressed in the opening seconds. This is very reminiscent of Bristol based band The Hit-Ups, who often have a very funky verse while the chorus could go either into rock or funk. Heart Of The Sun have a heavier sounding chorus but keep the funk vibe of the track alive with the style of guitar play and the sometimes off beat drums. Final track “Sally Think Fast,” is a fast tempo more indie based jaunt, with enough riffage to blow a few of the established acts off the stage while the drums are keeping the tempo fast without sounding like they’re ever going to give up. This track is a particular favourite as the screamed breakdown which devolves into part funk part DIY punk with the very effect laden guitar licks, really sets it off as something new.
Overall, Heart Of The Sun have done it again! Another dose of top quality indie funk without the fuss of some of the more established acts.

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