Monday, 14 June 2010

Review 14/06/2010- Stereo Influence "Stereo Influence EP"


Band Name: Stereo Influence

CD Title: Stereo Influence EP

Press Pack Included: No

Review: These 2 tracks were sent directly to our hotmail account.

Stereo Influence kick off with “Inequalities,” an indie track which is placed right in the vein of the current crop of British indie bands with it’s overlaid distorted riffs and almost ska funk drumbeat. The guitars are well constructed and are well mixed together while the bass is kept, as tradition in this genre, veiled behind the overall mix. The vocals seem to lack passion for alot of the track. This could either be because they have been turned down or the vocalist was perhaps nervous going into the session. Either way, the focal point of the track seems to lack something which will set it apart. Second track “Eye’s Shut,” takes a slightly heavier stance than the bands previous effort, the drums especially seem to be taking more from the Dave Grohl school of drumming than Matt Helders. The guitars are still constantly riffing but unlike “Inequalities,” there is a solid chorded rhythm for the lead to base itself around. The bass is again lost in the overall mix with the multitude of effects that the guitars use. The vocals in this track are more in your face than the last effort but still seem to be lacking a cutting edge that makes you sit up and take notice. Again, this could be a mixdown problem or the vocalists own nerves.

Overall, this is a decent effort by Stereo Influence but seems to be lacking a killer blow which would perhaps give them the edge in a cluttered market.

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