Monday, 14 June 2010

Review 14/06/2010- Tiberius Project "Starvation"


Band Name: Tiberius Project

CD Title: Starvation

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This track was sent directly to our hotmail account.

“Starvation,” Tiberius Project’s second submission to us is another metal stomper. The guitars are instantly the main focus of the song as they thrash out an impressive staccato intro. The drums are once again solid despite their immense speed with double bass being thrown in whenever the time feels right. The vocals are more audible than in their previous effort, taking pride of place high in the overall mix. The solos are once again hugely overdriven and laden with various effects to give them a fuzzy yet clear place in the mix while the rest of the band chugs away in the background, pushing the decibel level up.

After the enjoyable “Dream Over,” Tiberius Project have taken our advice on board in terms of levelling everything in the mix, making this their best effort to date with the vocals taking the place they deserved to take in the first place.

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