Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Review 18/05/10- Behind Hollow Walls "Wolves"


Band Name: Behind Hollow Walls

CD Title: Wolves

Press Pack Included: Yes

Review: This track was sent to our hotmail with a detailed explanation of where the song came from, who the band have supported and who they are going to support in the future, a link to their Myspace and who is in the band. This was a great press release by Behind Hollow Walls.

The track itself, “Wolves,” is one of the mainstays of their set and starts very much like Bullet For My Valentine and bands in that genre. The drums keep a solid, often fluctuating beat while the guitars both thrash and riff in equal measure. The breakdown after the second verse adds a new dynamic to what began as a straight metalcore thrash. The breakdown is melodic with it’s carefully picked riff and harmonised vocals and acts as a welcome breather before heading back into their thrash. The growled vocals are well executed without being too obtrusive in the overall mix and they seem to sit well with the harmonised backing vocals. The guitar solos are not too OTT and keep well within their set parameters. The sound is low, but this track could be remixed at a later date to raise the volume of the track.

Overall, a great track from Behind Hollow Walls, despite it’s lack of top end volume (though, as mentioned, this can be easily fixed.) Very well written and well performed by the band.

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