Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Review 18/05/10- Harry Loisios "Mountain Of The Gods"


Band Name: Harry Loisios

CD Title: Mountain Of The Gods

Press Pack Included: Yes

Review: Press pack is brief, outlining Harry’s location and influences. It provides some contact information, but is lacking in images and detail in how Harry Loisios came to this album.

This instrumental album kicks off with it’s title track, “Mountain Of The Gods,” which starts off with a grand, bombastic intro. Sounding suspiciously like it’s about to be a classical record, Loisios tears into some shred guitar, very much in the vein of Malmsteen or Satriani, hundreds of notes coming through over almost blast beat drums. This fret wankery abates briefly at certain stages of the track, allowing the metal rhythm guitar to resonate through the well balanced mix of samples and live instruments. “Morning Kiss,” immediately slows the pace down, with it’s obvious classic influence, the acoustic guitar being picked out to act as a little bit of respite for the listener, before heading into another hard rock number in “Queen Of The Night.” Some of the opening bars sound like something from a sc-fi racing game on the N64 (F-Zero X for those in the know!) and another piece of Satriani. However, instead of being another thrash, the bulk of this track is played more like a Metallica/Dragonforce style slower number. Another quick classic interlude with “Prelude In E Minor,” a 1 minute acoustic break like “Morning Kiss.” Then it’s again on to another belter in “Burn Out.” Again, the mix of samples and live instruments is well balanced, so much so the organ following the guitar in most of the verses (if you can call them that) is audible enough for even the most casual of listeners. “Longing For Love,” is next up, and this shows that the classic guitar is not just for latin music or acoustic ballads as it features heavily throughout this track to create another layer of sound under the now standard samples and drum lines. This is a perfect touch to a track which lacks the over exuberance of previous tracks but adds a new dimension to Loisios’ repertoire. “Long Legged Woman,” begins at a happy medium, the tempo not too high while the guitar still throws out some flamboyant and often brilliant riffs and licks. Final track, “Love & Rejection,” is another slower number and has some similarities to some of the classic power metal ballads, with sweeping riffs and synth samples resonating in the background.

Overall, a great instrumental record from Harry Loisios, and it would be great for fans of Malmsteen, Satriani and Vai. A brilliant effort.

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