Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Review 18/05/10- Luke Thomas "Tonight"


Band Name: Luke Thomas

CD Title: Tonight

Press Pack Included: No

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“Tonight,” is a folk number from singer songwriter Luke Thomas. This track is quiet and introspective, almost ballad like in it’s delivery. It is mostly guitar and vocals for the opening verse or so, but as the song progresses, maracas and piano is introduced into the mix of softly delivered vocals and slightly repetitive guitar. There is clearly a passion in his voice, but he keeps the level low so the guitar won’t be drowned out, which is beneficial in this mix. The chorus sees a vocal overdub with contrasting keys which adds to the overall texture of the track.

All in all, a beautiful song well executed and well mixed. The guitar is a little repetitive, but there is enough going on in the overall scheme of the song to overlook this minor flaw. Well done Luke.

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