Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Review 28/04/10- Death Disco "The Proof"

Band Name: Death Disco
CD Title: The Proof
Press Pack Included: Yes
Review: The press pack included was very brief with only minimal info and one band picture. The EP cover from which this track is from was included in a ZIP file emailed to our hotmail.
Hailing from Italy, Death Disco describe themselves as “music concerning dark atmospheres although rarely melancholic,” and this is demonstrated by “The Proof.” Most of this track is bass heavy, รก la Peter Hook while the guitar is sparingly used throughout. The pre chorus, chorus and post chorus have the guitar veering between melodic riffage and balls to the wall power chords while the drums circle a very familiar beat. The vocals are all in English and sound no different to any Anglo-American band, giving Death Disco a wider appeal than just in their native Italy. The music is not too heavy or dark, just as their claim suggests but there is an atmosphere to this song that transcends normal UK indie pop and most of the American stuff too, placing Death Disco firmly in the 80’s indie rock style (The Smiths et al).
Overall, a good track by Death Disco. Mixed well and well balanced throughout, there are no faults. It would be good to see if they can step it up a gear and really go for the jugular, but this is a good ease into their sound.

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