Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Review 20/04/10- Little Room "Little Room"

Band Name: Little Room
CD Title: Little Room
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This EP was sent to our hotmail account.
First track “Breaking Gnosis,” instantly draws you in with it’s prominent piano and almost sampled drums. This song sounds alot like “Walking After You,” by Foo Fighters, as it’s a low tempo, well mixed track with a great deal of compression and minimalistic instrumentation. As this track is labelled as “Edit,” we would like to see what has been cut from the overall ambiance of the song, but this is a well constructed edit. The second and final track is a rough mix of “Drowning In Mercury.” Even though this is a first mix, it seems that there are few signs of it not being mastered, sounding as good as some other bands polished work. This is a bit more cluttered, but that gives this track a marked difference from it’s predecessor. The drums fill and wander where possible meaning there is a more fluid structure to the overall sound while the guitars don’t get in the way with their riffs leaving the vocals to really shine through. There are a few indications of this track being relatively MOR รก la Snow Patrol, but this is no bad thing in the current musical climate.
All in all, a good little package which demonstrates the band’s style well. It would be good to hear a full version of “Breaking Gnosis,” and a finished version of “Drowning In Mercury,“ in the future.

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