Thursday, 25 February 2010

Review25/02/10- Subgenerates "Demo"

Band Name: Subgenerates
CD Title: Demo
Press Pack Included: Yes
Review: Subgenerates sent a link to their demo via email but did include some information about the band. This included contact info and a photo of the band but was very brief. This could have done with being more structured but included all that was needed.
Subgenerates sound like they are firmly planted in the ’77 punk era with their uptempo songs and sneering vocals. The main difference with this and the mass of ’77 era punk bands is that Subgenerates have honed their craft and are not as ragged as many of those forerunners. Subgenerates seem to play like the Sex Pistols but have aspirations to be placed more with the Buzzcocks and even at times bands who were big in the 90’s. The breakdown of “Pacify Me,” has a “Beetlebum,” quality to it and “M.K. Delta,” seems to sound like Graham Coxon’s solo work with a bit more of a bite. The speech samples in this song are well chosen to keep with the track’s tempo and are reminiscent of Holy Bible era Manic Street Preachers. “Mal Wart,” is another thrash through the guitar neck with more snarling vocals and fast beats.
With such a mix of influences in one short demo, Subgenerates could have sounded very cluttered and all over the place. However, they’ve managed to pull off well constructed punk music while their individual influences show through without getting in the way of overall sound. A great effort.

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