Thursday, 18 February 2010

Review 19/02/10- Antidotes "Adventures Close To Home"


Band Name: Antidotes

CD Title: Adventures Close To Home

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This does not include a press pack as it was a free download via Myspace.

Antidotes are plying their trade in the kind of math rock genre that made Foals popular and they pull it off very well. The guitars are constantly vying for you attention with calculated and well structured riffs and solos, though they do sometimes miss the odd note which is down to the amount going on rather than the guitarist’s playing. The mix is pitched well between pure noise and glossy over production which continues on with the math rock influence. “Football Is A Sport,” is a particularly well executed instrumental track to start off the EP, while “George, Tell Me About The 80’s,” is played at the perfect speed to not over complicate matters like the other 2 tracks have a tendency to do.

Antidotes have pitched themselves in the kind of genre which goes down well with the current indie student crowd and they execute their songs with the kind of vigour and joy that would make this genre more accessible to everyone.

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