Thursday, 4 February 2010

Review 04/02/10-SubClass "Expect More Casualties EP"

Band Name: SubClass
CD Title: Expect More Casualties EP
Press Pack Included: No
Review: This EP was picked up on Saturday Jan 30th 2010 @ The Cooler, Park St, Bristol. Hence there is no press pack. All information available on the band’s Myspace.
The EP itself if very well designed and eye catching. Great insert which details where the band are from and performs all of the functions of the press pack, giving links and a brief bit of info on the band.
From the opening few bars of “Fallout” it’s clear this band is not afraid to try something different. Through the song they seem to be part Pearl Jam, part Nirvana and part 50’s American high school prom. This is a bold experiment in sounds and genres which unfortunately doesn’t pay off, especially in the bridge where the clash is all too evident. With this track being so important to grab the attention, it may’ve been better to start with “Killer” or “Modern Times.” “Killer” is reminiscent of “The Riverboat Song” by Ocean Colour Scene with it’s well executed guitar riff and pounding drums. This is another genre ticked off in a big way, very heavy indie rock without all the confusion of the first track. Final track “Modern Times” is another heavy indie rock song which gives more dynamic structure than the other 2, much of the song has drums which always seem to be building to a crescendo without ever getting there, keeping up a great tension and atmosphere throughout.
Overall Expect More Casualties EP is 66% great tunes. However, the mood created by the first track could put off any perspective buyers/casual listeners. It would have been good to see something a little more in tune with the last 2 tracks.

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