Thursday, 18 February 2010

Review 19/02/10-The Appreciation Post "Work/Sleep"


Band Name: The Appreciation Post (

CD Title: Work/Sleep

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This EP was a free download from Myspace.

“Work/Sleep,” starts with a bang and seems to continue in a similar vein throughout. The Appreciation Post are moulded in the Army Of Freshmen/Starting Line image and play very similar music to the aforementioned bands. The music has a great beat and the synth nuances are very well placed in the overall scheme of things in each song. The mix is perfect, making sure that every instrument knows it’s place and that the vocals are just a little bit above the music, not detracting from the song. “No Songs Is Good Songs,” is the first sign of dynamic with it’s slightly slower tempo and more muted instrumentation which really throws The Appreciation Post into the mire of pop punk bands from the US, which is a shame for a band who clearly have worked hard at trying to make themselves a little bit different by using the synth.

However, it’s when we hit “Fear Of Loss,” when things really start to kick up a notch. This song begins like something the Lostprophets would put out as the first single from their next album while retaining enough of The Appreciation Post to not be too overbearing after the slightly “pop punk by numbers” early tracks. It seems to have a new quality which will take the band a bit further in an already clogged up genre. While The Appreciation Post should not forget their pop punk roots, it may be a good idea for them to add a track or 2 more like “Fear Of Loss,” to their repertoire just to gain a little bit more attention.

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