Thursday, 18 February 2010

Review 18/02/10-Laceration "Disfigure, Devoured, Forgotten EP"


Band Name: Laceration

CD Title: Disfigured, Devoured, Forgotten EP

Press Pack Included: No

Review: This was a free download via Myspace.

Now, we don’t claim to be experts on death metal, but this is one hell of a fine example! Laceration have put three tracks together which combine the core elements of thrash, black and death metal to make one great cacophony of noise. The three tracks go together to create the EP’s title and each song intends to create both atmosphere and pure adrenaline to show that this band are not just death metal. Some of the guitar work is faintly reminiscent of “Kill ‘Em All,” era Metallica, while the overdubs are taken both from the best that Cradle Of Filth had to offer (before they got “big”... supposedly) and, somewhat strangely, computer games. It may just be us but the synth style overdub in “Devoured,” sounds a bit like Bowser’s Castle from Mariokart 64!

All in all, this a prime example of the more extreme aspects of metal at their very finest, and despite the niche market, Laceration can easily find their core audience to be a rather large one.

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