Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Review 17/02/10- Gloucester Road "You're Not Mine"

Band Name: Gloucester Road
CD Title: You’re Not Mine
Press Pack Included: No
Review: The band sent this album in the post and included a covering letter which was forward and to the point, clearing up one or two confusions along the way. Well constructed covering letter.
Gloucester Road who have obviously worked hard on their sound and their mixing as this album is mixed in such a way it would be able to compete with the big guns in their genre. From the start to finish, this album is laden with balladry and beautiful vocal interplay. Tracks such as “Drivin’,” and “A Different Kind Of Love,” demonstrate a slight leaning toward the Red Hot Chili Peppers whereas tracks like “Let’s Go (Featuring Fabiola Melegari)” show how the band can turn the groove on and off for the sake of a beautifully penned and played folk indie ballad. Gloucester Road balance on the edge of pure and wonderful brilliance and being sucked into the void of indie acts out there today. The guitars never stop trying to impress with their constant well constructed riffs and awesome solos while the rhythm section taps out a solid and unobtrusive beat. The record is perfectly mixed and well presented, the guys obviously sparing no expense to get it pressed with full booklet with lyrics, something that many new acts shy away from.
The one slight criticism we would have of “You’re Not Mine,” on the whole is the mid section seems too reliant on balladry. This area could have done with a slightly more dynamic changes to keep the listener on their toes. Having said that, all of the ballads are done with grace and beauty, so it’s nothing to do with the tracks. A brilliant effort by Gloucester Road.

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